|Box title = Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
|Image file =
|Image size =
|Row 1 title = Developer(s)
|Row 1 info = Ma-Ba
|Row 2 title = Publisher(s)
|Row 2 info = Ma-Ba
|Row 3 title = Platform(s)
|Row 3 info = Sega Mega Drive
|Row 4 title = Release Date
|Row 4 info =1994
|Row 5 title = Language
|Row 5 info = Japanese
|Row 6 title = Genre(s)
|Row 6 info = Beat 'em up
|Row 7 title = Media
|Row 7 info = 1 Sega Mega Drive Cartridge
|Row 8 title = Input Method
|Row 8 info = Sega Mega Drive Controller

'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon' for the Sega Mega Drive was developed and published by Ma-Ba (a subsidiary of Bandai) and released only in Japan in 1994. The game itself is similar to its SFC counterpart, but with some stages replaced and/or added on. It also has an additional battle against Queen Metaria when playing on the hard difficulty.

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